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Cause Of Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenails can be caused by abnormal nail structure, irritation and pressure from poorly fitted shoes, and most commonly by improper nail trimming where the corners of the toenails are rounded off. Once the nail begins to grow into the skin, the body will begin to treat the nail as a foreign object, which results in pain and redness in the soft tissue on the side of the nail. If left untreated, the ingrown nail can begin to cut into the skin, which can lead to a skin tissue infection with oozing followed by the formation of hypergranulation tissue.  Hypergranulation tissue forms around the ingrown toenail and is red, moist, and increases in size.  It can also bleed very easily.  This tissue can also be caused by excessive cutting at the nail and therefore the skin by the patient trying to relieve the problem.

Here at Bangor Footcare we deal with many ingrown toenails caused by many different things on children and adults alike.  There are treatments giving temporary and permanent relief depending on the cause and severity of the ingrown nail itself.  An appointment at the clinic to assess the toe is the best course of action.


Nail Surgery

This is a procedure aimed at permanently removing the offending nail.  This is commonly a small side section taken away from the nail which does not regrow, or ocassionally the whole nail has to be removed.