Exploring the Benefits of Orthotic Insoles for Common Sports Injuries

Exploring the Benefits of Orthotic Insoles for Common Sports Injuries image

Lower Back Pain, Tired / Aching Legs / Foot Pain

These conditions are often caused by fallen arches in the feet.  As the arch falls it causes inward rotation of the ankle, heel and the tibia (shin bone).  This is termed excess pronation.

Foot Pain

Excess pronation of the foot and heel produces undue pressures on the foot when walking or running.  This can cause quite a range of stresses in different areas of the foot, producing problems from mild discomfort, to severe and incapacitating pain.  Some conditions cause the most severe pain during exercise, whilst others produce the worst pain when one tries to stand or walk after a period of rest.  Especially after a nights sleep.

Tired / Aching Calves

When there is excess pronation of the foot and heel, the tibia internally rotates.  This causes the calf muscles to work in a partially antagonistic way in relation to the other components in the lower leg.  These extra forces can produce a range of symptoms in the calf, from excessive fatigue through to acute pain.

Lower Back Pain

This excessive pronation of the foot and heel may also be one of the contributing factors to lower back pain – and sometimes the primary cause.  As the feet and ankles roll inwards, the bones of the legs internally rotate.  This rotation forces the pelvis to tilt forward, resulting in increased curvature of the lower back (L1-L5).  In turn this causes tightness and stiffness in the lower back muscles.  Orthotic insoles are the only satisfactory answer for excess pronation.  They control the internal rotation of the tibia, thereby reducing the stretching forces on the foot, calf and lower back.  Patients may also need to receive treatment from a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Osteopath to help resolve tissue damage that has already occurred.

21st Century Gait Analysis

Here at Bangor Footcare we provide computerised gait analysis to diagnose problems in the structure and function of the foot.  This helps us prescribe tailor made, custom fitted orthotic insoles which are manufactured and fitted at our Bangor laboratory.  We have been providing orthotics for the treatment of sports injuries for the past ten years .  Our many patients, both amateur and professional, include rugby players, footballers, ice skaters, skiers, runners, rowers, cyclists, climbers and mountain trekkers.  We have seen patients from these fields of sporting activities not only see their problems resolved, but many discover an improvement in performance through the use of orthotics.