Orthotic Articles  July 2015

Achilles Tendonitis / Back of the Heel Pain

Achilles tendonitis commonly occurs as a result of shearing forces placed on the Achilles tendon where it attaches to the heel bone.  Initially pain is experienced first thing in the morning or after activity and if left untreated symptoms…
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Shin Splints - A Painful Hazard for Sports People

Shin pain, often referred to as shin splints, is a common term for the pain which occurs in the front and/or inside section of the tibia (shin bone), during and after exercise.

Anterior (frontal) shin splints are often…
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Exploring the Benefits of Orthotic Insoles for Common Sports Injuries

Lower Back Pain, Tired / Aching Legs / Foot Pain

These conditions are often caused by fallen arches in the feet.  As the arch falls it causes inward rotation of the ankle, heel and the tibia (shin bone). …
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